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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick Update for R1800/R1900 Users

Printing on thicker papers poses challenges to R1800/R1900 users. These printers produce wonderful results, but seem to have issues when top-loading thicker papers (like the Hahnemuhle photo rag baryta mentioned below). Here's a thread from a review of the R1800 that might be useful:

Email From Dave Brown:

Hi Folks,
Just a note tonight to help solve a problem a lot of people seem to be
having with the Epson R1800 Printer when trying to print on heavier
stock Fine Art Papers, such as Hahnemuhle, etc.. Anyway, just bring up a
photo to print. When Print Preferences Box opens, go to Maintenance Tab
and select the bottom button, called Printer and Option Information.
Click on it and the Printer and Option Information Box opens, and low
and behold, there at the bottom on the left is an unchecked box with
"Thick Paper" beside it. Check this box, and your problems with printing
heavier Fine Art Papers are over. And also, I have been feeding them
into the top of the printer just like regular paper, and not at the
back. Give it a try for yourself......Leave it to Epson to NOT mention
this in the User's Guide that comes with this excellent
printer!!.......Maybe you might like to help spread the good word?
Happppy Printing!! Dave

Fredrik: I tried Dave's tip, and yes it does work. To be sure, I emailed Epson to find out if this would harm the printer.

Email from Epson: In answer to your enquiry, the Thicker media setting you have selected is mainly for use when printing on envelopes. For the heavier weight paper such as the Fine art paper. This should only be loaded through the rear manual feed as this reduces the strain on the paper feed mechanism as it does not need to bend the paper as much.

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