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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peter Brown

One of the side benefits of working just west of downtown Toronto is the proximity of several good photo galleries on Queen Street West. Last month, I had the pleasure of ogling the photography of Peter Brown at the Stephen Bulger Gallery. This show really struck a chord with me because I just love farm countryside and Brown does just a wonderful job of capturing the mood of the plains. There is a sense of desolation and grandeur that is more powerful to me than the highest mountains or the loneliest lakes.

Sunset on the White House - (c) Huw Morgan

I've been busy over the last few years taking photos in a series I call "The Road North" depicting the rolling farmland between city (Toronto) and the Canadian shield to the north where people go each week-end to cottage. Most people drive through the country as fast as they can wanting to get to their destination in the least possible time. To my wife's chagrin, I prefer to wander up and down the side roads, frequently stopping to take photos of interesting farms and road-side attractions.

Seeing Peter Brown's work was very affirming. It seems there's an audience for subtle images of the countryside, a subject that isn't as spectacular as the great scenic vistas that captivated Ansel Adams and his followers.

The good news is that Peter Brown has published a book called West of Last Chance. The Online Photographer features a review and you can buy it here. It would make a great Christmas present to yourself and you deserve it!

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