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Monday, October 31, 2011


I've got all these little projects on the go that rejuvenate photography when it gets a little dull. Earlier this week, it was time to feature rural mailboxes, an ongoing project that is a lot of fun although it sometimes irritates people who are along for the ride when I suddenly screech to a halt, do a u-turn, go back 100 yards, do another u-turn and leap out of the car with the camera to take a shot of a rare find, like a mailbox shaped like a dog or a tractor. There's one shaped like a fish that I keep passing when the light isn't any good. I'll get it one day too.

Windows are another pet theme. Architects and builders put a lot of effort into making interesting windows and people generally put a lot of effort into decorating them. It's another expression of individuality. Here are some windows that have caught my eye recently:

Here's a church window from a small town in New York State that I passed on the way to go hiking in the Adirondacks. I liked the original patterns of the window combined with the texture of the church walls.

This window was in a building in a pioneer village near Hamilton Ontario. The strong colour of the window frame combined with the window in a window effect drew me to the photo.

There's a beautiful fishing village in Scotland called Crail that has some very nice windows. Here's what I mean about people using window sills to make a personal statement. 

and finally, there's the allure of the silhouette in the window. When walking in Montreal last winter, taking pictures of Christmas lights, by accident I noticed a silhouette of a woman in the top left window. She was there for a minute and then the light was extinguished. 

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