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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mr. Heron Comes to Call

It was nearly dinner time at the cottage on Canadian Thanksgiving week-end and my young grandson came racing up from the beach to tell me that a loon was catching fish in our bay. I brought the camera down to the shore and saw that it was a blue heron who had decided to pay a visit, not a loon at all. I took a lot of photos of the heron until he finally got fed up and flew away.

The next morning, there was a mist covering the lake and the heron was there again. I took more pictures of the blue heron against the grey water and sky. The heron was having a great time catching minnows.

The next morning, he was there again. This time, the sky was clear and we had a rip-roaring golden sunset that silhouetted the heron against the sky. Here are some shots of Mr. Heron:

We finally spooked him on the first day and he flew away. I like the water drops trailing from his feet.

Here he is perfectly reflected in the water.

The next morning was very misty. The sun just started to come out enough to highlight his plumage a bit. The reflections in the water are nice.

The second morning featured a glorious sunrise and a preening heron. Believe it or not, these are the colours right out of the camera. 

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  1. Huw, These pictures are stunning! It's hard to pick a favourite.

    Thanks for sharing.