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Monday, November 15, 2010

Three Computer Problems Solved!

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus! Today I managed to solve three problems that have been bugging me for MONTHS. In case you were suffering the same symptoms, here are the solutions:
  1. Does your Nvidia video driver crash if you do a print preview for your Epson printer from Photoshop or Lightroom in Windows 7 64 bit? Mine did! Here's the simple fix from Epson (courtesy of a discussion forum): 
    • Click on the bottom left button and choose devices and printers
    • Right click on the Epson printer that has the problem
    • Click on printer properties
    • Select the advanced tab
    • Unclick the "enable advanced printing features" check box
  2. Are you having REALLY SLOW RESPONSE TIMES from your Epson printer driver running under Windows 7 64 bit? It was taking MINUTES to navigate the driver to do stuff like changing the paper type and set properties. I called Epson support on this and they acknowledge a bug. There is a file in an Epson folder that keeps growing larger and larger and slowing down the driver. They don't have a fix, but they do have a workaround -- you can just delete the file and the driver instantly speeds up. Over time, the file grows and the driver slows down and you have to do it again. Here is the path to the file: c:\ProgramData\EPSON\PRINTER\EPAUD01.AUD. Mine was over 40 MB and it is now sitting at 3 KB.
  3. Do you have a DPR-1260 printer server from D-Link? Does it work in fits and starts with Windows 7 causing you to tear your hair out when you get communication error after communication error? Here is the fix:
    • Launch your web browser and enter the IP number of your printer server. 
    • You should get a dashboard for the device.
    • Click on the SETUP tab 
    • Choose the Firmware option from the left side. You'll be prompted for a password - leave it blank and press enter
    • Open another browser tab and go to the support site for the product:
    • Choose the Support Resources tab and download the latest firmware version
    • Go back to the device tab and follow the instructions to install the firmware
    • The device will reboot
    • Call up the Windows 7 Devices and Printers Dialog and delete your current DPR-1260 printers
    • Go back to the device browser tab after allowing a minute for it to reboot. Select the Setup tab and follow the instructions to re-install your printer.
Hopefully those of you who have one or more of these problems will find this post. I saw hundreds of discussion forum postings on these topics with only a handful of actual answers. If I have time, I'll go back and post the answers in some of the forums.

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