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Saturday, November 20, 2010

African Animal Alphabet

A is for Antelope

B is for Baboon

B is also for Buffalo

C is for Crocodile

C is also for Cheetah

D is for Dik Dik

E is for Elephant

E is also for Eland

F is for Fox (the bat-eared variety)

G is for Giraffe

H is for Hippo

H is also for Hyena

I is for Impala

J is for Jackal

K is for Kangaroo (didn't see any)

K is also for Kudu

L is for Lion

L is also for Leopard

M is for Monitor

M is also for Mongoose

N is for Nothin'

O is for Ostrich (I know, it's a bird)

P is for People (we're animals too)

Q is for questionable 

R is for Rhino (maybe next time)

S is for stumped

T is for Tortoise (imported from Madagascar, not native)

U is for unknown

V is for Vervet

W is for Wildebeest

W is also for Waterbuck

W is also for Wild Dog

W is also for Wharthog

X, Y (Y? I don't know)

Z is for Zebra

And that's the animal ABC of Africa!

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  1. Thank you, I enjoyed that!