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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eastern Light

What is it about the light in photographs shot in places like India and Indonesia? There seems to be a quality in the light that gives images a metallic look to them that is very appealing. At first, based on viewing work by Steve McCurry, I thought it was something unique to him or the film he was using. I rushed out and bought some Kodak Ektachrome, but that golden metallic light wasn't the film's doing. If you want to see what I mean, visit McCurry's site here and navigate to his India gallery.

I was cruising around pbase earlier and found a very nice Indonesia gallery called Eye on Bali by Aloha Diao Lavina. The images in the gallery are quite wonderful and they have that same golden metallic light that shows up in McCurry's work.

Last night, I watched a really good PBS show called The Story of India. The show was beautifully shot and featured lots of great shots of the landscape and the people. And, lo and behold, the light had that same golden metallic quality that I see in McCurry and Lavina's work.

For now, I'm concluding that it is actually something about the light in these climes that produces images with the quality that I really like. There is no way around it -- I'm going to have to go to India and Bali and see for myself...

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