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Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Search of the Harvest Moon

Last Saturday, I went in search of the harvest moon.

I knew that the moon was set to rise at 6:50, but there were three questions to answer: what would be the subject of my image (in addition to the moon), where could I get a vista with a good subject and a low horizon and would the moon be visible or covered in clouds?

I started driving east about 5:00 pm. I drove through the farming country north of Toronto looking for subject matter with a view to the east. I found a few nice scenes:

Some lovely cows illuminated by the setting sun
Some nice barns
An interesting mailbox to add to my collection
Reflections of a blue hut on a still pond
Rolling hills and a couple of old buildings

But nothing really grabbed my attention as a suitable view to combine with the harvest moon. I kept driving.

As 7:00 neared, I found myself driving faster and faster. The further east I went, the more the land tilted upwards. The car seemed to be perpetually going uphill. Finally, I reached the town of Port Perry on Lake Scugog. Surely I would find a suitable vista for a harvest moon rise against the lake and harbour in the foreground. 

Alas, it was not to be. The sky was a mixture of blue patches and white clouds. In the south east, directly where the moon was rising, there was a large patch of cloud that obscured the sky. I took my picture sans moon.

Port Perry in the setting sun without moon

I like the photo very much, but it needs a harvest moon.

As I was driving home in the dark, the sky momentarily cleared and there was the full moon gazing down at me from up high, taunting me with its presence.

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