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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Log House in the Woods

One of my favorite photo subjects is "The Road North". I drive to our cottage in Haliburton and back many times a year and love to uncover new subjects for photography along the way. I look for strange things in the woods (like Phonehenge - a collection of English phone booths in a field) as well as beautiful landscapes. I like to find things that talk to the pioneer era, like old homesteads and barns.

In a recent trip, I found a deserted log cabin on Highway 121 that showed signs of recent habitation and efforts to renew the cabin (see the new metal roof). The door was open and the driveway was blocked, so I don't think anyone lives there now. I also found a beautifully rusted old truck on the property that now sits in the middle of the woods.

Here's my record of the encounter with the log house in the woods:

Here's the cabin looking forlorn in the late spring snow storm.

The interior is surprisingly neat and tidy, showing signs of recent care. The door was wide open.

Here's the rusty, crusty pick-up truck abandoned in the woods.

And here's the truck interior. 


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  2. I do agree. The truck is fascinating. Every old wreck got a story.