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Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on the Tony Ray-Jones Print Saga

I'm very pleased to say that I got a great response from the Science and Society Picture Library:

Dear Huw,

You’re quite right, the scan currently on our print sales website is from an older, resin-coated print, whereas the other one is a more recent scan - of a fibre-based print - that was produced for 2004 museum publication ‘Tony Ray-Jones’ (Russell Roberts).

You’ll be notified by email when the new scan is uploaded, hopefully in the next day or so.



Chris Rowlin
Acquisitions Executive

The new scan has in fact been loaded and you can see it here in all its glory. Note the shadow detail in the trees as one example of the superiority of this new print. I can't wait until I get the new print shipped out.

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