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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Subject and Composition versus Equipment

Last week-end, I contributed a photo to a silent auction. It's one of my favorite images from the Road North series called Sunset on the White House. Given that the photo was going to be shown in the context of a silent auction, with people milling around comparing donations ranging from art to golf outings, I thought that I'd attach a rather detailed description of my artist's statement and a description of the image.

When I looked at the EXIF data for the image, I was shocked to discover that I'd taken it several years ago, using an original Canon DRebel and a crummy 70-200 consumer lens. This was the first of a series of DSLR cameras (10d, 20d, now 5d) that I've owned and certainly the lowest quality of any of them. The lens is not well-regarded by any of the equipment review sites that all of us frequent.

However, it remains one of my favorite images from the Road North project and I've exhibited the image upsized to 16x24 without any ill effects. It just goes to show you that the camera and the lens really don't matter a heck of a lot. It really is the subject and the composition that count.

Sunset on the White House

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